Friday, June 18, 2010

What came first the Chicken or the Egg?

Well tis been a while since I posted.  But I'm back. My chickens are still laying eggs but man alive are they naughty.  I have had to entice them off the neighbours roof, yes well, I heard a commotion outside and as I raced out the door and up the steps a rather guilty black cat (mine) slinked down the steps.  Barley was have a fit as Bok Bok was on the neighbours roof. The din continued for most of the afternoon and then the little poos didn't lay any eggs that day.  The following two days they have been very well behaved I must say. It has been suggested that I get a cookbook open the page to a roast chook and place this against the cage for them to have a good long reflection about the meaning of life or lack thereof..... very very tempted!!!!  Haven't actually heard back from the lady that was doing the 'how to cull your chicken' session at the local school. I think I need to go. Oh and tune in next time as a girlfriend and I are going to endeavour to clip their wings. oh yeah!


  1. Hmm chicken and roof tile pie yummy

  2. Marina, I clicked on the hobby farms ad and wow! Some people are sooooo organised. Unlike me.

  3. See scientitsts have just proved it . . . the chicken came first!!!