Monday, May 24, 2010

To Stockpile or Not to Stockpile

Is this the question. Some discussion has been had lately based on what would happen if a flu epidemic did hit NZ and were isolated. How would we get our chocolate? How big a stash of Toilet paper does one really need? These are relevant questions.

It has been mentioned that stores in NZ only have enough supplies to last 3 days. Do the general public realise this. Why do they not encourage people to stock pile at least 3 months worth of necessities. Links to sites with knitted tampons have popped up and this is just plain frightening. And incredibly funny. My cats would love them. But what would we do if we didn't have the ability to just pop down to the shop and buy these things?

My biggest dilemma seems to to stockpile chocolate and not eat it all! I have never yet accomplished this. But I will keep trying........where there is a will there munching on chocolate...just don't tell my husband.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I will teach you!!!!! Maybe.

Well been an interesting couple of days. I have been showing a girl friend how to knit. And she picked it up very quickly then texted me the next day to say she'd forgotten it all. lol She will need a refresher course.

Then yesterday I spent the morning with a girl friend listening to someone mentor her on gardening, to see if I could do this. And yes we have decided I'd be damn fine at it.... I can waffle about gardening ways for hours. Organic, non organic or somewhere in between. Don't get me wrong I'm no expert but I can certainly get people started and give them hands on advice.

One site I find really helpful is

It also had a show running for first time gardeners that was brilliant

And today I cleaned cat cages for 4 hours. I decided I really like the high pressure hose, and so do the kittens. oops. I was delicately asked did I know that you can turn the pressure down..... I tell you where is the fun in that. And to top it off I volunteered to go in on Thursday again because they are seriously short staffed. It is becoming obvious to me that I'll do anything to get out of doing my horse assignment. Even clean cat poo!

Friday, May 14, 2010


Well having just completed a chicken assignment and having to write about how to kill (cull) your chickens.... I have had no eggs today..... do you think I should give the chickens a stern talking too. Remind them of the alternatives perhaps. Nah, they are too cute. That will teach me to skite that I had 15 eggs in 10 days. I've since had 2 in 4 days, gutted. (or at least the chickens might be!)

Am plucking (excuse the pun) up the courage to take a evening class that will show us how to cull a chook and then she will show us how to dress it. I am scared I might make a ass of myself and freak out.

Nearly died tonight when I got first hand experience with worms out of cats bottoms...eeek, girl friends cat.... when they say they have worms, they aren't kidding yuk yuk yuk..... cat was promptly given a tablet. I have a new name for it.... 'gross wormy cat'. Sorry Dog (that's its name) I'll pat you next time...maybe.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

First Shop

Goodness that was tricky, buying only NZ made. I have learnt that Nescafe is Australian. That Sultanas are from Australia, that Flora margarine is from Australia, that Home brand is from fact even my Corn thins were from....yip Australia. On the one hand its more expensive buying the NZ Rolled Oats etc, but on the other hand there wasn't much I could buy so it works out cheaper. I'm sure I'll get better at this. Its a game and I will win. I'm glad I'm only doing it for a couple of weeks. But it certainly opens your eyes to how much stuff we import from Aussie. Check it out for yourself its quite unnerving.

Oh and some of the packaging is very misleading regarding packaged in NZ, doesn't actually tell you where the product came from. I can see things changing in the not to distant future. People are getting more interested in where their food is grown and produced.

I'm off to see if there is a site that tells you what brands are NZ made. I hope there is one. Wish me luck.

Monday, May 10, 2010

So Far So Good.

Yip I have discovered the trick to only purchasing NZ made when you go shopping is...........not to go shopping... simple. This could work. Not. Question, why don't they tell you where toilet rolls are manufactured on websites?

Least today I boiled the carp out of 6 really big beetroot and made 1 Jam Jar of sliced beetroot in Fejoa vinegar (gift from Sis) 1 Jar in Malt vinegar (1 Jam jar is the equivalent of 1 beetroot, so yes these are big puppies) And a plastic container of straight boiled and sliced not flavoured, for me and the kid. Hubby is a Pom and likes vinegar on everything. Also 2 and a bit small pots of Basil Pesto. And collected 2 eggs. I'm starting to feel real.

Tally for eggs is 15 in 10 days. woo hoo from 2 chooks.

My hubby has laid a wee concrete pad and hopefully by next weekend my hideously blue water barrel will be installed with a tap for all the world to see and attached to my down pipe. Rainwater collection here we come.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Buying only NZ made

Okay, I have decided that I will spend the rest of the month buying groceries that are from NZ. I will give the boys and myself one concession and I will still use what we have. I just want to know if its hard or easy to accomplish. Bummer my fav wine is Australian. And really cheap on special. I wonder if that will be my one concession or Bananas...oh no.... this could be harder than I thought!!!

I have yet to mention this to the boys - Hubby and Son. But it will be interesting to see if its heaps more costly or what products I assumed were being made in NZ that are in fact imported. Like cat food, I have no idea. I will not be too worried this stage about packaging but might step up to that in the next challenge.

Oh after the wee chicken adventure I didn't get eggs yesterday, but at 7.30am this morning I had two. So they might have gone into a little bit of shock. oops

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Who'd have chickens. My Girlfriend wanted to know yesterday if they were much work. ha, if only she'd seen me today. Normally I can open the back of the cage and clean out the poo, leaving it open I take the poo and straw to the compost.... upon my return today however, there were two escapees, looking extremely proud of themselves. The neighbours already think I'm cracked so today's running and ranting probably didn't help the image. Lucky another friend turned up and we got them in. It did however answer one question. Would the cats attack the chickens, I can now safely rule out the white one, it nearly shit itself as a squawking chicken came hurtling towards it.

After all of this, I did get an egg from them :-)

The Beginning

Well my first ever blog. The object of this blog is for me to live off my land. And not just stare at the produce and feel proud of myself, but actually eat it too.

I have a 15 year old son and am married. We have 3 cats and 2 chickens. And a sloping section which has the vegies trying to grow and feed me and my family.

I hope to eventually get fruit trees planted when my hubby finishes the retaining wall. Fingers crossed for this happening in the next 3 weeks. And not buy very little fruit and veg from the shop and only buy in season and freeze or store food.

I would also at some stage like to try a challenge where by I only buy food produced in NZ. This blog will keep me honest... I hope.