Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Beginning

Well my first ever blog. The object of this blog is for me to live off my land. And not just stare at the produce and feel proud of myself, but actually eat it too.

I have a 15 year old son and am married. We have 3 cats and 2 chickens. And a sloping section which has the vegies trying to grow and feed me and my family.

I hope to eventually get fruit trees planted when my hubby finishes the retaining wall. Fingers crossed for this happening in the next 3 weeks. And not buy very little fruit and veg from the shop and only buy in season and freeze or store food.

I would also at some stage like to try a challenge where by I only buy food produced in NZ. This blog will keep me honest... I hope.


  1. Yay I am follower number 1!

    I'd love to do the NZ food thing too - good thing they still make Whittakers in Wellington!

  2. Follower #3, if you can find me a NZ grower of brown rice I'd join you and choccy too oh and coffee....

  3. yes, thank god for whittakers! I think the NZ food thing is a great idea, at least we'd be sweet with the wine...might have a problem giving up moccona though

  4. Trust your first discussion to be about chocolate :) - maybe you should plant your own cocoa beans - he he - must only take about a million to grow a bar of chocolate :0.

  5. Yes well, it went without saying really. Besides it was Gary's comment....its all his fault.............of course.

  6. So, to stockpile or not to stockpile? You know what my vote is....

    Pat x