Saturday, May 8, 2010

Buying only NZ made

Okay, I have decided that I will spend the rest of the month buying groceries that are from NZ. I will give the boys and myself one concession and I will still use what we have. I just want to know if its hard or easy to accomplish. Bummer my fav wine is Australian. And really cheap on special. I wonder if that will be my one concession or Bananas...oh no.... this could be harder than I thought!!!

I have yet to mention this to the boys - Hubby and Son. But it will be interesting to see if its heaps more costly or what products I assumed were being made in NZ that are in fact imported. Like cat food, I have no idea. I will not be too worried this stage about packaging but might step up to that in the next challenge.

Oh after the wee chicken adventure I didn't get eggs yesterday, but at 7.30am this morning I had two. So they might have gone into a little bit of shock. oops


  1. Bummer no more Heinz Ketchup better keep Stickie child away from it then and the Branston

  2. Chocolate, okay Whittakers
    Coffee, hmmm is there NZ coffee? how about packed in NZ but made overseas...will join you soon on this, sounds like fun

  3. Start simple I say. Yes yukky Whittakers. Although their Rum and Raison is nice :-) DH hates it. Lucky have heaps of coffee. Phew. Maybe if we get more into it, we can include fair trade products. But at the mo, just stuff packed in NZ. But prefer made in NZ too if possible. That will be purchased first. Wonder where Green tea is made?

  4. the things I couldn't work out where they were from were the tissues, loo paper (this could be a problem for you!!) and the cat biscuits. I think packed in NZ will be much easier, lots of stuff just aren't made/grown here like your green tea (Mind you you could try grass from the backyard as a cheap alternative, that's what I reckon it tastes like!)

  5. eeeek Loo Paper........ just as well I've got about 80 rolls....... surely Kiwisoft is Kiwi???