Friday, May 14, 2010


Well having just completed a chicken assignment and having to write about how to kill (cull) your chickens.... I have had no eggs today..... do you think I should give the chickens a stern talking too. Remind them of the alternatives perhaps. Nah, they are too cute. That will teach me to skite that I had 15 eggs in 10 days. I've since had 2 in 4 days, gutted. (or at least the chickens might be!)

Am plucking (excuse the pun) up the courage to take a evening class that will show us how to cull a chook and then she will show us how to dress it. I am scared I might make a ass of myself and freak out.

Nearly died tonight when I got first hand experience with worms out of cats bottoms...eeek, girl friends cat.... when they say they have worms, they aren't kidding yuk yuk yuk..... cat was promptly given a tablet. I have a new name for it.... 'gross wormy cat'. Sorry Dog (that's its name) I'll pat you next time...maybe.


  1. We have both agreed that we could NEVER kill, let alone eat, any of ours. We will be their retirement home!

  2. Marina I'd bet you couldn't do it!

  3. I don't think I could kill my own. The vet charges $18 lol.

  4. I reckon she can Choccy, will work on it