Wednesday, May 12, 2010

First Shop

Goodness that was tricky, buying only NZ made. I have learnt that Nescafe is Australian. That Sultanas are from Australia, that Flora margarine is from Australia, that Home brand is from fact even my Corn thins were from....yip Australia. On the one hand its more expensive buying the NZ Rolled Oats etc, but on the other hand there wasn't much I could buy so it works out cheaper. I'm sure I'll get better at this. Its a game and I will win. I'm glad I'm only doing it for a couple of weeks. But it certainly opens your eyes to how much stuff we import from Aussie. Check it out for yourself its quite unnerving.

Oh and some of the packaging is very misleading regarding packaged in NZ, doesn't actually tell you where the product came from. I can see things changing in the not to distant future. People are getting more interested in where their food is grown and produced.

I'm off to see if there is a site that tells you what brands are NZ made. I hope there is one. Wish me luck.

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