Monday, May 10, 2010

So Far So Good.

Yip I have discovered the trick to only purchasing NZ made when you go shopping is...........not to go shopping... simple. This could work. Not. Question, why don't they tell you where toilet rolls are manufactured on websites?

Least today I boiled the carp out of 6 really big beetroot and made 1 Jam Jar of sliced beetroot in Fejoa vinegar (gift from Sis) 1 Jar in Malt vinegar (1 Jam jar is the equivalent of 1 beetroot, so yes these are big puppies) And a plastic container of straight boiled and sliced not flavoured, for me and the kid. Hubby is a Pom and likes vinegar on everything. Also 2 and a bit small pots of Basil Pesto. And collected 2 eggs. I'm starting to feel real.

Tally for eggs is 15 in 10 days. woo hoo from 2 chooks.

My hubby has laid a wee concrete pad and hopefully by next weekend my hideously blue water barrel will be installed with a tap for all the world to see and attached to my down pipe. Rainwater collection here we come.


  1. It was a small concrete pad I didn't have a wee on it

  2. Just as flipping well, the neighbours can see you!