Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I will teach you!!!!! Maybe.

Well been an interesting couple of days. I have been showing a girl friend how to knit. And she picked it up very quickly then texted me the next day to say she'd forgotten it all. lol She will need a refresher course.

Then yesterday I spent the morning with a girl friend listening to someone mentor her on gardening, to see if I could do this. And yes we have decided I'd be damn fine at it.... I can waffle about gardening ways for hours. Organic, non organic or somewhere in between. Don't get me wrong I'm no expert but I can certainly get people started and give them hands on advice.

One site I find really helpful is getgrowing@nzgardener.co.nz

It also had a show running for first time gardeners that was brilliant

And today I cleaned cat cages for 4 hours. I decided I really like the high pressure hose, and so do the kittens. oops. I was delicately asked did I know that you can turn the pressure down..... I tell you where is the fun in that. And to top it off I volunteered to go in on Thursday again because they are seriously short staffed. It is becoming obvious to me that I'll do anything to get out of doing my horse assignment. Even clean cat poo!

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